Hopefully you've noticed we've done a bit of renovation work!

Check out all the details in this news article and feel free to leave us any feedback (or if you spot any bugs) in this chatter.


Out of practice of cosplaying and going to cons? We definitely are! As the convention season finally starts again, we've put together a little new feature that might help - a packing list! For each costume you have, you can create a list of as many items that you need to pack for that costume, this is only visible to you so you can put whatever you want. Wigs, parts of the costume, make up, specific tights that you wear with it - whatever will help you remember all the things you need.

Additionally, if you have set your costume to be worn at any future events, on your calendar you'll also see a consolidated packing list for that event, listing all your different costumes & items needed to pack. We hope you find this feature useful, let us know if you do!


You've asked, we've listened - you can now choose an image to upload as a thumbnail that's displayed on your costume list. If you don't choose to upload one, it'll pick the last photo or progress image you added to that costume. You can add and edit this thumbnail via the costume info section.

The size for the thumbnail is 600px width by 400px height if you want to be pixel perfect, anything larger than this will be automatically cropped to these dimensions.

This thumbnail can be of your costume, reference artwork or a custom design - it's up to you. Let us know how you get on and if you have any issues with the feature, raise a Chatter or drop us a line at


We're all missing conventions, but mayamada's GamePad Online is hoping to bring a bit of magic into your homes from a very socially distanced virtual event, and best of all it's free.

Join them this Saturday 16th January to celebrate gaming, cosplay and industry news! Sign up here to be notified when the streams go live, and go give them some love on their Twitter and Facebook pages.


Sew-vember has come to a close, and it is time to select some winners! We know this year has been hard, and it's difficult to get the motivation to sew when there are no conventions, but hopefully this encouraged you all a little bit. We've loved seeing all your progress go up and we hope you continue through the dark nights of December.

We'd like to give an enormous thank you to Coscraft as our sponsors for this promo. During Sew-vember they also launched their brand new haberdashery section on the site, really making them a one stop shop for all things cosplay. If you haven't already, make sure to check out their new offerings!

So without further ado, randomly selected by the Sew-vember elves, the winner of £30 Coscraft vouchers is...
⭐️ Violet Kestral ⭐️

And the two runners up winning £10 each are:

⭐️ Angel Tear ⭐️
⭐️ CrystalNeko ⭐️

We'll be in touch shortly to confirm your details and get you your prize! We hope you all enjoyed the promo and look forward to seeing you around on the site~


We've deployed a small update this evening, mostly little bug fixes and tweaks, but we have a couple of new things...

Firstly on your costume list you're now able to filter by Planned, In Progress and Complete once again! Thanks for your patience while we got this added back in.

Secondly, you might notice on this filter there's a few new fields. When creating or editing a costume, you can now set the costume 'Condition' - whether it's 'Ready to wear', 'Needs repairs' or 'Retired'. This is a completely optional field and can be left as 'not set' if you prefer not to use this feature, but can be used to help you organise your costume list even further and keep track of which costumes are ready to go for that spontaneous convention! (Haha, well maybe not in 2020....)

Let us know how you get on, and as always if you find any wobbly bits of the site, ping us at


We missed October due to our site upgrade, but we think everyone needs a bit of encouragement this year!

We challenge you to take part in Sew-vember - try and do a bit of costuming each day, and post your progress on Cosplay Island.
To encourage you all along, every Progress Journal you post on Cosplay Island during November will earn you an entry into our prize draw, with 3 chances of winning a prize!

The main winner will be drawn on 1st December, bagging themselves £30 Coscraft vouchers, who are very kindly sponsoring this event. But that's not all - this year you have even more chances to bag a prize, with a further two runner ups being selected, winning £10 Coscraft vouchers each.

For full details and the legal bit of the prize draw, head to


Mix up your Saturday night entertainment by hopping on to Youtube and watch the second Cosplay Central Virtual Cosplay Championships! Hosted by Jaremi Carey and joined a panel of expert guest judges, find out who claims the top prize.

Join the channel at 7:40pm UK time to take part in chat and see the show live! For those who can't make the time, it'll be available on the channel afterwards for catchup.


You might have noticed a few changes around the site! We've finally upgraded the CI foundations to a modern framework, allowing us to build way more features and cool stuff going forward. Please read on for a few points of note!

  • Private Messages - these are currently disabled while we work on the module, and hope to have this up and running for you soon. In the meantime if you have any support issues, please email
  • There are a few bits of functionality around the site such as searching & filtering which we're still working on, again bear with us!
  • Terms of service - as with the site, we've done a refresh of the ToS, and removed a lot of content that was no longer relevant. The remaining terms haven't changed but please read & re-accept them to continue using the site. If you have any questions drop a line through to

The new site should work much better on mobile and tablets, and best of all you can now upload phone photos without them going sideways (that's what you get for using a system designed before phone photos were a thing...) among lots of other tweaks.

If you have any feedback, spot any bugs or find anything that looks odd please let us know in this Chatter, or email through to and we'll get on them asap.


New to wigs? Want to know how to keep them in top condition? For all these tips and tricks you're in luck, as Coscraft have started a Youtube Channel. There's a few videos already up, so go give them a watch and subscribe for future vids!


We know the lack of events are hitting people hard, so it's great to hear that team behind MCM are putting together a digital event in August! One of the components is a massive cosplay competition, with varying levels of entry so that all cosplayers can take part.

Entries are open now, and will close on the 29th July (or sooner if all slots are filled) so get your submission in ASAP. There are also vouchers to be won for winners and runners up in each category! You can find all the rules & guidelines here.

We look forward to watching the competition online in August and seeing all the pretty costumes!

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