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Amecon: Warwick campus photo map

With 3 weeks to go until AmeCon we hope everyone's costumes are going well! But for those who want to spend some time procrastinating & planning shoots instead of sewing, we've dug out the photo map that ManyLemons made us a few years back! There may be a few venue changes since then, but a lot of the campus is similar, we hope it provides some inspiration~ Good luck to everyone sewing & to the committee in the final weeks of prep ❤️ >>

Best of luck to ECG Team UK!

Wishing the best of luck to ECG Team UK, heading out to Paris today in prep for season 8 of the European Cosplay Gathering at Japan Expo! If you haven't already, go give the team page & their personal pages some love and encouragement for the finals - Parallel Works Cosplay, Dewnor Cosplay and Kyokyo Cosplays. >>


Recent Progress Journals



Badly in need of ironing, but complete!

The lilac fabric is cotton from Minerva Crafts as it happened to be the right colour, it’s not really the ideal weight but other lilac fabrics I found which draped better weren’t opaque enough (and dyeing the silk scarf was enough, I wasn't keen enough to dye the lilac too!) I only had a metre of it which was just enough so I experimented with some spare fabric first to drape the sash and figure out how I was going to make the bow. The bow is assembled from a bunch of separate pieces which I gathered to create the right effect and also padded out with some wadding. It all took a lot of hand sewing. I sewed on one end of the pink scarf I’d dyed to form the tail of the bow and sewed the rest of the scarf along the hem of the sash. It attaches to the dress with snaps.

I bought the gold chain on Etsy, it’s partially hand sewn in place, but isn’t behaving quite how I’d like so I may need to revisit it. Finding the red bicone beads was challenging (another Etsy find). They’re strung together using head pins and some thin gold chain and jump rings I had spare. I also used masking tape and gold acrylic to carefully paint the lines on them. The round green beads were more readily available (on Amazon) along with end caps for them (Ebay)



My starting point was the fringed sash since I knew I’d have to find an existing scarf or dye fringe to match fabric. I found Dharma Trading sold affordable plain silk scarves with fringe so I ordered one along with some of their magenta acid dye. It was all cheap enough that I wasn’t in danger of customs charges so I didn’t mind ordering from the US. Being able to dye it myself was actually ideal too since it let me attempt a gradient.



I ironed most of the HTV on while the dress was still flat (although it wasn't exactly flat around the bust so that was trickier) then inserted the invisible zip and sewed up the centre back seam. I left the gold designs on the back until after I'd inserted the zip since the designs go across the centre back seam – I ironed them on with the zip closed and sliced through the vinyl with a scalpel.

The photo also shows more snaps for the pauldrons and a couple at the hip to secure the sash. You can also see more armour-induced design aspects: it turned out that while the dress fits nicely and doesn’t need straps; the pauldrons do. So I made the most of them and the clear straps are secured to both my bra and the dress lining.



It improved once I added the gold designs. I also used the mock-up to help me sketch out the gold designs and confirm where they should be placed. I then made paper templates of the designs and after refining those, traced around them on to the heat transfer vinyl and cut them out.

(the snaps you see in the photo are for attaching the shoulder armour)


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