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RWBY Cosplay Competition @ MCM Expo

Anyone attending MCM London Comic Con in their RWBY cosplay? Enter to take part in the RWBY Cosplay Competition on Saturday @ 2pm on the Pop Asia stage for the chance to win some Rooster Teeth merch ❤️

Entries can be solo or a group of up to 4 people and are open online until Friday 11pm, but will also be taken on the day until 1pm Saturday.

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Coloured Contacts looking for cosplayers

Heads up to all cosplayers & larpers who love using contacts, or even if you’re just fan of awesome make-up / prosthetic looks that involve contacts.

Coloured Contacts have an affiliate program where they’re looking for cosplayers and make-up artists who are experienced with contact lenses to showcase & review their products, and promote safe use & wear of contacts. Read on for more info!

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Recent Progress Journals

New teeth


Made some new teeth for Icarus as I wasn't too happy with the old ones. All made from Polymorph.

Heating up

White Tigress

I have spent a few days on and off making the yoyo and mask. The yoyo is covered in worbla and currently in the process of the final neatening before being painted xD The mask is worbla too and is looking good!

Finished Harness


Finished Sasha's harness tonight. It's a very simplified version of the harness, partly because of time but also for comfort.

a miracle, staff and almost finished


ok, I'm been working off : screenshots (watching the movie a few times more, which aren't the clearest) : some out of focus photos of costume on display (appeared on google) [] : whole ton of imagination. : and by complete chance because while in a fabric shop my elderly father said "this fabric reminds me of radagast" and I should buy it even if I use it for something else. It was also cheap. I have some how managed to do things more accurate than I thought. I really had no idea what I was doing (except the boots) and was really in Goblin Town over colours and definately thought I was doing my own thing with the fabric types. With only a couple of bits to do now just my luck, right at the end: I come across this lovely person who has scanned in pages from what seems to be a book on all the costumes and props in the Hobbit films and put them on dropbox. **** *** - for all your Hobbit reference Oh my TreeBeard. Reading and looking at the scans, I'm actually not far off the embroidery and the types of fabrics. Not all the colours but pretty much. I'm pretty shocked, as this really has been a journey. To the point where yesterday I was ready to throw it all in mount doom! If this wasn't enough Gandalf light for you: This morning I had a sign: A branch had fallen off a tree in the garden and .... It reminded me of Rad's staff... (I had started one from broom handles) Found some other bits of branches. I just need to fix them together tomorrow. This the 'gem' (which I have made four times now), Sebastian, and wig to sort out, then make everything old and I'm done! P.S CI not liking paragraphs?


Weekly Costume Showcase

Dorian Pavus from Dragon Age Inquisition


Each week we highlight a fantastic costume that has been nominated by the community. Check out their profile and give them some love!

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Cosplays for Amecon?
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Cosplay happiness chat
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