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15% off tickets for cosplayers at Gamepad

If you're heading to Gamepad 2019 on the 22nd June, you can get 15% of the ticket price if you attend in cosplay! A family friendly event full of video and table top games, with both casual play and tournaments, and even a prize for the day's best cosplayer. Check out the full details on their site. >>

Signups live for MCM Manchester

Sign ups for the masquerades and competition qualifiers are now up for MCM Manchester Comic Con! Take note of the schedule changes, the EuroCosplay UK selection is on Sunday, and Championships of Cosplay regional selection is on the Saturday. Follow MCM Cosplay for news and updates around all the cosplay events at MCM shows, and find all the details you need on the main website. >>


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Suddenly, activity!


Actual activity for once! Amazing, I know.

With the centrepiece of my V cosplay being the jacket, most of the work has been on that.

Rather than modify an actual leather jacket and worry about having to match materials/colours, I decided to build it up mostly from scratch. The plan is to use a zip-fronted sweatshirt as both the lining for the jacket AND the base for the wiring that'll run between the LEDs and the power supply.

After digging up a PNG of the Samurai band logo, I got it enlarged/printed out as an A2 poster and have cut out all of the various pieces (nearly 60 of them!), ready to be used as templates to cut out of the back.

Add that to 12-volt LED strip lights (red and white for the back and, like a rebel, blue for the collar), powered by 24 AA batteries with coloured plastic office wallets to help diffuse them, and I've got the beginnings of V's jacket.

After that, will come printing (or cutting out with white material) the Samurai text on the back of the covered collar and getting all the patches/badges done!


White Tigress



White Tigress

Today I printed the asterisks on her shirt and transferred the design onto freezer paper and had a lot of fun painting it :) The headphones have been painted.

I Put on the Boots and Kicked Some Monster Ass


I actually planned to do Ed a couple of years ago, so unearthed the boots from then. They are miraculously still in great shape and I don't have to do anything other than re-glue the trim. I bought a pair of motorcycle boots off of Ebay, specifically because they were the right shape and had the buckle and straps already. They also feel heavy to wear, like automail would, so I think Ed would approve. Once they'd arrived, I cut down the centre to make the slits of Ed's shoes, then lined the whole top part with black fabric, which I painted with acrylic black paint to look darker and blend with the shoe better. I then spent many days painting and repainting the red soles using at least 10 layers of red leather shoe paint. I'm really happy with them, and can't wait to see how they'll look once the rest of the costume comes together!


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Maya the Siren from Borderlands 2


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