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Cos-tober - and the winner is...

Cos-tober has now finished, but we wanted to say well done to all who took part during the last month. We've loved seeing all the progress on your costumes and we hope it inspired a few of you to get productive! We'd also like to give an enormous thank you to Coscraft for providing a great prize and incentive, allowing us to run this promo. So without further ado, randomly selected by the Cos-tober elves, the winner of £30 Coscraft vouchers is... >>

Cos-tober is back!

Heard of Inktober or NaNoWriMo? Well we don't think cosplayers should be left out! So let's roll up our sleeves and get productive during the darker October evenings with a chance to win £30 in Coscraft vouchers. Cos-tober is back~ >>


Recent Progress Journals

Wig - Prestyled

White Tigress

Been looking up tutorials in preparation for when I have time to style this. The wig is a Lily in Natural Black. Considered Darkest Blue as his hair has a blue tint but to be honest black would suit the colour scheme better I think.



I forgot to post progress here, so here's one WIP shot just after I finished most of the costume for documentary purposes.

This was my first time working with real leather to this extent, I think. The gloves and collar parts were real leather and I think the investment really paid off!

As for the dress... I topstitched all the seams on it by hand because I thought that'd look more correct. I had a lot of trouble attaching the collar to the dress for some reason, I initially wanted to topstitch the leather parts was well but it was too thick. Alas.

Still.... I'm pretty happy with this outfit otherwise! Just need to do the embroidery on the sleeves because I ran out of time to do it before fanfest.

Wig and make up test

White Tigress

Alex in Ginger :)

Shuriken part 2

White Tigress

Since my last entry I have been on and off due to other commitments (I dont even have a deadline for this so I am in no hurry) but I had made the dumb mistake of putting paper mache directly on the eva foam so its pretty flimsy and kept warping. I done some looking around and found that putting masking tape helps and I done that. Just 1 layer alone really helped straighten and strengthen it. I need more tape to do the rest but its giving me a better clue how it might end up. The black fabric for the romper arrived and being thinner than I thought I'd deffo need to line the entire thing so brought some more in white. I was hoping for a bit more stretch to it so I just need to remember to make it lose. I done some looking to how I can put it on and canonically there is a side zipper. The forehead protector is on its way. Applique has never been my forte so I am considering giving vinyl transfers a try <3 I need to think about how to do the wig as I had never styled anything like this before.


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Mari Ohara from Love Live! Sunshine!!


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