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Site update: Progress Journals

Along with a few visual changes, we've done the first in a series of migrations today, moving journals to a new system! While this is to make things easier for a complete site upgrade, there are a few things it's improved immediately for you guys; 1) Images that are exceedingly narrow or wide will no longer appear fuzzy in the thumbnail preview 2) You can now edit any image that you've added a journal, either swap it for a new one or remove it completely, without having to delete the journal. Thanks for your patience! >>

Amecon: Warwick campus photo map

With 3 weeks to go until AmeCon we hope everyone's costumes are going well! But for those who want to spend some time procrastinating & planning shoots instead of sewing, we've dug out the photo map that ManyLemons made us a few years back! There may be a few venue changes since then, but a lot of the campus is similar, we hope it provides some inspiration~ Good luck to everyone sewing & to the committee in the final weeks of prep ❤️ >>


Recent Progress Journals

More trim


All nearly done now. Just finishing the bottom edges.

Re starting


A few years back before we moved. I made some fabric intestines, I liked them but only had a small bit of fabric. I also made a dress which I think I cut up for another costume. Today i hunted it all out. The dress has gone. The intestines i still love the idea of and as for the cheap craft masks I was going to use as a base... Well... I have no idea when I did this but.. turns out I made the whole mask. I am trying to tidy it up but up close it really isn't the best of work. Might be ok once attached to my face and a ton of hair covering bits. Might decide to re make it. Also started the body mask( not sure what to call it) Either way i need another piece of foam. So its on hold a few more days. Later that evening, I put some of the foam together, and I didn't like the half body form so I am just going for a brest piece. Once I have some belts I may add in some more panels. This saves buying more foam for now.

Wish i had kept up with progress journl


In fact my whole account is out of date. So much not here

Alice Queensland Dress - Update


Even though the main body of the dress has been finished for a while, I still have a weapon to make! I will make a makeup demo for the cosplay but I'm so eager to get this done, you won't believe! I'll post another journal when I'm happy with the make up! :)


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