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Hibanacon reg open!

Tickets have opened for Hibanacon Horizons, a weekend long residential convention in November promising chilled events, live music and more. Held at the Jury's Inn at Milton Keynes, this is a lovely way to close the convention year and we look forward to returning. Join them for their third year running and get your tickets now! >>

Cos-tober - and the winner is...

Cos-tober has now finished, but we wanted to say well done to all who took part during the last month. We've loved seeing all the progress on your costumes and we hope it inspired a few of you to get productive! We'd also like to give an enormous thank you to Coscraft for providing a great prize and incentive, allowing us to run this promo. So without further ado, randomly selected by the Cos-tober elves, the winner of £30 Coscraft vouchers is... >>


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outfit idea


overall idea for the outfit i'm thinking of, kind of punk and goth.

Mask 1

White Tigress

I have no self control when I have Worbla and scissors in front of me XD Masks are so easy to make!!!!! The necklace has been ordered too.

Almost complete


Almost complete!


White Tigress

I have been thinking back about what I would like to improve on for Pomex :) A new wig-I dont mind losing a bit of accuracy as I think Ill feel better with fuller bangs. New boots-I was suffering from a foot injury and had to discard the original red boots due to this. I want something comfier. Side belts-Not a task you will wanna do at 5am XD Lacing- Again, 5am isnt a good time for this xD Shirt- Gonna so something so the seams wont appear through the fabric. Might look into just sewing all the visible white into the costume and removing anything that wont be seen. Coat- I always liked her White Mage coat so its just a nice little extra to wear in the cooler months :)


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Sakura Kinomoto from CardCaptor sakura

Angel Tear

Each week we highlight a fantastic costume that has been nominated by the community. Check out their profile and give them some love!

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Desperate for a Daenerys costume urgently
Started by TinyRicki (updated 8th April 2019) 0
need a cosplay group
Started by shadow202 (updated 5th April 2019) 0
Started by 1000014 (updated 3rd April 2019) 1
My Hero Academia Cosplay Group!
Started by Mochimun (updated 26th January 2019)
MCM London Comic Con May 2019 0


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Kupocon - Pomex 2019


21st September 2019


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