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Along with a few visual changes, we've done the first in a series of migrations today, moving journals to a new system! While this is to make things easier for a complete site upgrade, there are a few things it's improved immediately for you guys; 1) Images that are exceedingly narrow or wide will no longer appear fuzzy in the thumbnail preview 2) You can now edit any image that you've added a journal, either swap it for a new one or remove it completely, without having to delete the journal. Thanks for your patience! >>

Amecon: Warwick campus photo map

With 3 weeks to go until AmeCon we hope everyone's costumes are going well! But for those who want to spend some time procrastinating & planning shoots instead of sewing, we've dug out the photo map that ManyLemons made us a few years back! There may be a few venue changes since then, but a lot of the campus is similar, we hope it provides some inspiration~ Good luck to everyone sewing & to the committee in the final weeks of prep ❤️ >>


Recent Progress Journals

Almost Done! (15/08/18)


I finally have a good cape! All that remains to be done is to paint the suit. Planning to have it finished in time to wear to NessCon next weekend (25/08/18). Hopefully will be going to MCM Scotland as well (24/09/18). (Have noticed there is a slight tear in the suit but it shouldn't be hard to stitch up, plus it's covered by the cape anyway.) I'm so excited to go to a con in cosplay for the first time! Can't wait!

Finished all structural sewing!


By this I mean I've sewed the base dress and the apron. All that's left is to add the buttons and possibly sew a separate petticoat. Today's tasks were pretty much just to add the skirt to the bodice and add the zip up the back. I also decided to create the apron using a piece of patterned white material that's been in my stash for ages and it looks wonderful-- and also helps with the keeping the costs down.

Adventures in Worbla


I've ordered some imitation-leather fabric for the bodice and side... flaps? Never worked with fake leather before so I'm sure that won't be a pain in the ass... Got some worbla and have started making the little adornment pieces. Never used worbla before! I think I burned my thumb but otherwise it's going okay. Got three pieces done out of... I think about eight? Its easier to use than I thought. Woo for worbla!

Craft Clay


I finished Gau's brooch! Which is made from Craft Clay (Foam Clay) and this stuff is absolutely amazing. So many possibilities. Paint is a combo of Hexflex and acrylic.


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