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MCM Champion of Cosplay selected

With the final MCM of the year out of the way, that means the Championships of Cosplay have their UK representative! Read on to see the winner of the 4th qualifying event, and the chosen UK finalist who was selected at Birmingham Expo this weekend gone. >>

Cos-tober comes to a close!

Cos-tober is now over and we wanted to say well done and a massive thank you to all who took part during the last month. We've loved seeing all your progress go up and we hope it inspired a few of you to get productive! Read on to find out the lucky winner... We'd also like to give an enormous thank you to Coscraft for providing a great prize to be won, allowing us to run this promo. So without further ado, randomly selected by the Cos-tober elves, the winner of £30 Coscraft vouchers is... >>


Recent Progress Journals

Blazefire Saber: Prologue


Yesterday, I decided to start work on what is absolutely going to be the hardest part of this costume - Lightning's Blazefire Saber. Like all weapons in FF, it's big and complex. As I have zero artistic talent, and am very new to weapon-making, I found a detailed plan for the weapon on Etsy. I sized this to scale and printed it out - it's around 120cm in total. To get my head around the different pieces and layers of the blade, I then coloured in each individual section I could see. My plan now is to print out an A4 size version of the blade and look at various references to see which parts are the same section, are raised/flat, and what colours each part are and use this as a go-to guide when making the blade. And then... construction!

The trim is on


This took a while to get right

DEADLINE: Minamicon 2020


Of course I went down with the lurgy in the only 3 weeks I had free to work on cosplay before Hibanacon. Of course I did. Thank you compromised immune system... If I don't have this finished by March 2020, Angelphie officially has permission to publicly shame me for my many failures. I literally just need to sew the skirt and jacket together now. it's not hard, but apparently I hate sewing now. Brain, why?

Blinded By Light: Contacts


The contacts I ordered finally came today! Although I have blue eyes, Lightning's are definitely more grey and I wanted to be as accurate as possible - I also need contacts anyway, and prefer coloured ones as it's easier for my terrible eyesight to see when removing them lol. I went with the EOS DollyEye Grey contacts, which proved tricky to hunt down as they seem to be being discontinued or rebranded. It was also really hard to get some not only in my prescription, but also in a mixed prescription that wouldn't charge you extra. I found these at an Australian based store online, slightly cheaper than they would have cost at Pinky Paradise or Uniqso. Next on the list - the blade.


Weekly Costume Showcase

Leafeon from Pokemon


Each week we highlight a fantastic costume that has been nominated by the community. Check out their profile and give them some love!

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