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We know the lack of events are hitting people hard, so it's great to hear that team behind MCM are putting together a digital event in August! One of the components is a massive cosplay competition, with varying levels of entry so that all cosplayers can take part. >>

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No conventions in your calendar? No problem, as Virtucon have you covered this weekend with a series of cosplay panels, showcases and social hangouts being hosted on zoom. Organised by Deafantasy on instagram with content by cosplayers across the community, check out the great lineup below. >>


Recent Progress Journals

So it begins....


I've got all the fabric! Just waiting for the right moment to make everything!

Baldric Belt Progress 1


Taking a break from the wig to start the actual costume. I ordered a screen-accurate metal belt buckle from Ebay, and when it arrived today I decided to mix some black and silver acrylic paints to get a 'dirty' silver look, to make it more screen-accurate. Once the fabric arrives, I can start making the actual belt as well as the holster for his sword.

Wig Progress 3


Today I separated the dreadlocks into ones I wanted to paint dark brown, ones I wanted to leave as they were (Jack has a few random pieces lighter than the rest of his hair), and ones I wanted to keep vaguely the same but to darken slightly. I painted all of the ones I wanted to paint a dark brown so that they would be consistent, although I kept all the pieces that were the same colour as the base wig so that they would blend well and I'd have some natural highlights. I also created the three front pieces he has, using a number of beads and trinkets, and some wefts from some black hair I planned to use for the dreads but didn't need. Getting the small; disk onto that small part was haaard... Tomorrow, I'm going to paint the remaining dreads, then neaten everything up ready to start attaching it to the base wig. I can't wait to see how this all looks when put together!

Wig Progress 2


Today I made the dreadlocks - there's 16 in total, all various shades which I plan to paint over tomorrow to make them more consistent. To make these I used the cut wig fibres from the day before, as well as a number of clip in extensions of various brown shades, as well as some blonde as he has a blonde section in the later movies. To get them into shape I got bundles of loose hair and made them tacky with some watered down PVA glue, then twisted them into shape, before setting with a hair dryer. They look a bit obvious right now, but I'm hoping that the paint job will make them look a little better. Then I trimmed any flyaway pieces that I hadn't caught with the glue. Tomorrow I'm going to paint them to a dark-brown/black shade.


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