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WCS and ICL qualifiers: entries are open!

Thinking of trying out for the international competitions of World Cosplay Summit or International Cosplay League? Entries are now open for the UK qualifiers for both, being held at MCM London Comic Con in May.

Find out more details and register here

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Portsmouth Comic Con - competition open

Submissions for Portsmouth Comic Con's Cosplay Competitions are now open!

Find all details, rules and the entry form for the competitions here, and make sure you get your entry in before the 3rd April. Good luck!

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I have a hat! It's all fleece, which was slightly harder to sew than anticipated. The spots are hand-sewn on, and the rest is machine-sewn.

Jacket is go


So much progress today! I've spent the last couple of weeks casually working on the pattern for the jacket and yesterday/a bit of this morning I transferred it from my test fabric to pattern paper. Today I cut all the pieces out and dyed the yellow and dark red parts (the fabric I'm using didn't come in these colours). I've tried two dark reds to see which is better. His wig's about 90% done as of a few weeks ago too but I want to change a couple of things.

Shoes W.I.P

Cauldron Of Mischief

I made the shoes from an old pair of base boots I trimmed down, then added upholstery foam for the basic shape, then made a pattern and cut it out of faux leather :) I used contact cement to stick it to the boot and underneath to secure it. Eyelets and lace was punched in before I stuck it down~ The white trim is yet to be added!

Shirt and Wrist Band


Finally got round to putting together training kit Eli. It's a bit rough but I'm mostly planning this cosplay for meets so for now I'm happy with it.


Weekly Costume Showcase

Urdnot Wrex from Mass Effect


Each week we highlight a fantastic costume that has been nominated by the community. Check out their profile and give them some love!

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