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WCS UK qualifiers moved to MCM London October

For those of you thinking of entering WCS next year, please take note that the UK qualifiers have been moved from their May date, and will now be held at MCM Comic Con London October, running from the 26th-28th. To cheer on this year's team and find out more about WCS, go give Team UK a follow on Facebook. >>

UK qualifiers selected @MCM Comic Con

Another MCM down, with this weekend having hosted the UK qualifiers for two massive international competitions; World Cosplay Summit and The International Cosplay League. All the entrants looked amazing, but sadly the judges had to pick! Read on for our new UK reps. >>


Recent Progress Journals

Blade of Ahrah: part 12

Lady Bahamut

Finally, I sanded the hilt! This took longer because I had to add wood glue onto it to protect the raised foam layer. The gesso would crack if you so much as nudged it otherwise =/

Blade of Ahrah: part 11

Lady Bahamut

Before I sanded the hilt, I made the little lid that hides the power bank etc. I used 4 rare earth magnets and just made sure everything aligned nicely!

Blade of Ahrah: part 10

Lady Bahamut

Annnnnd then I gesso-ed the whole blade! Took AGES. My process went like this: 2 layers, sand. 2 layers, sand. 3 thick layers, sand. Then fill in any dents/dips/holes/anything that wasn't flat with more gesso and sand SOME MOAR. Eventually, you get a super sexy looking sword~

Ordering Fabrics


After asking for some help from my squad (because I’m clueless with fabric types) I was able to get some really awesome suggestions of what to actually use! For the Jacket I’ve actually moved away from the reference slightly and I’m going to use a pretty, cream Brocade because I wanted to fancy things up a bit~ I’ll line this and use plain Cotton and Interfacing for the Collar sections. For the Skirt itself I found a really nice Olive-coloured Twill to do the job! I’ve never used Twill before but I like the feel of my sample so that should be easy to work with. My waistband section will have some soft interfacing in there too, I’m going to add the thin skirt stripes with a plain matte grosgrain ribbon, and the panel along the bottom will be the same Brown Cotton from my Collar. I bought a cheap hat from eBay which I’ll also cover in that same Brown Cotton- it was easier than trying to find a super accurate tiny hat! I haven’t ordered it yet but I’m thinking of a Cream Pleather for the spats (on suggestion from the GF who has made spats before), the Pleather will likely be rigid enough to stay up which is what I want! Most of my fabric has been ordered so I’m itching for it to get here!! In the mean time I’m likely going to make some mock-ups, especially for the jacket.


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Ulala from Space Channel 5


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