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Cos-tober is back!

Heard of Inktober or NaNoWriMo? Well we don't think cosplayers should be left out! So let's roll up our sleeves and get productive during the darker October evenings with a chance to win £30 in Coscraft vouchers. Cos-tober is back~ >>

Info hub - International Competitions

Hello all! We’d like to introduce a bit of crowd sourced content for you all, an info hub focussing on international competitions. The aim of this is to help keep a central place where you can see upcoming qualifiers, view past performances and find out info about all the main international competitions. >>


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Mask 1

White Tigress

I am having a lot of fun with this so far. My fiance let me borrow one of his masks from his collection that was simmilar to a kitsune mask (its more cat shape) so I wrapped it in clingfilm to protect it and made a masking tape base to work from. I used foil to stuff the curves and rolled some into little sausages to extend the ears and nose part and wrapped them with even more tape. When I was happy with the shape I covered it with another layer of cling film before applying paper mache. I havent used this stuff since I was little so I had a lot of fun preparing and working with it. There are 2 layers so far but when it dries im gonna finalise the shape before adding many more layers :)

Ken Ichijouji - Fabric Ideas


I remember wanting to cosplay this character about 10 years ago but inevitably scrapped the idea because the original design for Ken (The Digimon Kaiser uniform) looked too complicated for me at the time. But when I finished Tri I knew I had to attempt this. I may decide to make the body from scuba for a fitted look with the overcoat being made from Gaberchino. I'm going to toy around with some smaples and some patterns and see if it's doable ^_^ I originally saw a ready made cosplay for sale on Aliexpress but there were a lot of parts missing from it unfortunately. Nonetheless, the idea of a new cosplay is always exciting! I just want to fangirl with some fellow Digimon weebs :D



Finally made a start in the swords. Layering paper mache. Almost finished with everything.

Brief hiatus


I've decided to not try to finish this in time for October MCM, as to do so would involve extreme con crunching and stress to make something I wasn't happy with, and I would have ended up despising the costume. I'm also going to take a little break from working on her, as the embroidery is starting to make me go a bit mad! Progress will hopefully resume in November after Doki Doki <3 It's so frustrating as I'm so close, but just not close enough!


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Yoshimistu from Tekken 3

Sketch McDraw

Each week we highlight a fantastic costume that has been nominated by the community. Check out their profile and give them some love!

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