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Get crafting with Cos-tober!

It's baaaaack~ The winter months are settling in and we're running Cos-tober once again to get that motivation going for cosplay! How does it work? Post progress journals during the month of October and you'll be entered in a prize draw to win £30 in Coscraft vouchers! Check out the full promo and details here. >>

Cosplay Stories: Exploring Cosplay & Gender

Check out this great collab video from The Cosplay Journal & The Eighty-Sixth Floor Music, telling the stories of non-binary cosplayers within our community. We'd love to see more content like this in future! Video in the full article below. >>


Recent Progress Journals

Getting there!


Hand stitching the soles of the boots.



Made a stamp and printed it onto the headband woop woop <3

Details: Part 1

Lady Bahamut

I cut out and sewed all of the details at the same time to make life easier on myself. I made them from matte satin as I wanted them shiney, but not overly so. I used bondaweb to put them on to black kona cotton and then used an embroidery thread and satin stitched them onto the cotton. I think I did rather well! All I did then was fill in a few places where my machine had skipped a stitch or two by hand. I know people probably wouldn't have noticed, but I would notice therefore it needed doing haha!



My inspiration for remaking Megara, was find this dress. I know it's not perfect . It needs the long cascading sleeves removing, the back altering slightly, and the purple details adding. But this dress was a steal at £13, there was no way I could make a dress from scratch for that small amount. Also I found a large dark purple scarf for £2 from a charity shop. Which will do nicely for making the belt and dress details. So the total spend so far £15. Thats such a bargin.


Weekly Costume Showcase

Reimu Hakurei from Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony (Touhouvania)


Each week we highlight a fantastic costume that has been nominated by the community. Check out their profile and give them some love!

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Feature opinions wanted: social media ‘reactions’
Started by Delusional (updated 16th August 2019) 0
Desperate for a Daenerys costume urgently
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need a cosplay group
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Started by 1000014 (updated 3rd April 2019) 1


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