Grand Cosplay Ball 2009

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Start DateSunday 29th November 2009
End DateSunday 29th November 2009

Event Description
The UK's first international cosplay event will again be taking place at the Clapham Grand, London on November 29th. The theme this time is An Enchanted Forest so get out that sewing kit and start creating a masterpiece!

The Grand Cosplay Ball will be welcoming back famous cosplayer Yaya Han, who is preparing an extra-special performance for this year's event. Compere Johnny Lazer will also be returning, with lots more guests and performers to be announced in the coming weeks.

As well as the usual set dances, DJs and bands, new additions to the show include circus performers, a Hime style lolita fashion show and a Hansel and Gretel themed photography area!




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Kaka Extreme

GermanyAxis Powers HetaliaArnavelComplete
FranceAxis Powers HetaliaPurplefluffychainsawComplete
Doctor Black JackBlack JackUmbravComplete
Sakura KinomotoCardcaptors: The Sealed CardPokethePixieComplete
ChiiChobitsDuo MaxwellComplete
FreyaChobitsEturniIn Progress
EuphemiaCode GeassnosferatuComplete
SuzakuCode Geass R2lastordersukIn Progress
Suzaku KururugiCode Geass: Lelouch of the RebellionMichyPlanned
Lelouch Vi BritanniaCode Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2GAINAXComplete
NeroDevil May Cry 4kiratoPlanned
CinderellaDisney's Cinderella.GunstarVixenComplete
Prince EricDisney's The Little MermaidNinodogComplete
goku (super saiyan)dragon ball Z/KAIhitmanx2Complete
Cosmosfinal fantasy dissidiaKaka ExtremeComplete
SeeDFinal Fantasy VIIIFishyfinsComplete
Count Louis de TheudubertFlight of the Valkyrie - Original Novel (Steampunk)sjbonnarComplete
Bender Bending RodríguezFuturamaKumaComplete
Haine OtomiyaGentlemen's Alliance Crossgaming_goddessComplete
Anime Elf MaleGoogleMangaChildComplete
HungaryHetalia Axis PowersStefanicComplete
Hirasawa YuiK-ON!koorinokisakiComplete
Akiyama MioK-ON!koorinokisakiComplete
Tsumugi KotobukiK-ON!StarpendantComplete
Yui HirasawaK-ON!KappaComplete
LuxordKingdom Hearts IIRandomRperComplete
ZexionKingdom Hearts IIthedevilwearswhiteComplete
LarxeneKingdom Hearts: Chain of MemoriesroguearcanisComplete
Ciel PhantomhiveKuroshitsujiChibiComplete
Angelina Durless "Madam Red"KuroshitsujiagiComplete
Ciel PhantomhiveKuroshitsujiTsupoComplete
Sarah WilliamsLabyrinthElven SeamstressComplete
Lord of DarknessLegendIlpalaComplete
Princess ZeldaLegend of ZeldaSensei_KateComplete
Sine Of SoulsLittle Apple Dollscheeky_b1tchComplete
ArwenLord of The Ringsstripey_daniComplete
Sheryl NomeMacross FrontierMocaraComplete
KakuzuNaruto ShippuudenSick ShinobiComplete
Umber-Tribal ElfOriginal DesignElegantAuraComplete
Tree SpiritOriginal DesignpicklesofdoomComplete
Forest BallgownOriginal DesignAmy-LouComplete
Ball OutfitOriginal DesignDelusionalComplete
Forest FeyOriginal DesignTiranComplete
TurlachOriginal DesignKhaosKreatorComplete
Water LilyOriginal DesignHelloKittyComplete
Random Woodsmanown characterRoysterComplete
WillowOwn designLunar_KittenComplete
Will of AbyssPandora HeartsStarlightFireflyComplete
Professor Hershel LaytonProfessor LaytonnertComplete
Son Of ManRené Magrittedrowned_pandaComplete
Kozue kaoruRevolutionary Girl UtenaCosplexComplete
TougaRevolutionary Girl UtenaWhite LeviathanComplete
JulietRomeo and JulietKeekalComplete
Neo Queen SerenitySailor Moonangel aikoComplete
Sakai Yuji (SPOILER)Shakugan no ShanananaharaComplete
Friagne The HunterShakugan no ShanaSunsetdancerComplete
MarioSuper Mario BrothersSpirit Of The StageComplete
Der Tod/DeathTakarazuka Tsukigumi "Elisabeth"MayugeBeamComplete
David NassauThe Last RemnantPezComplete
Rush SykesThe Last RemnantStormeComplete
Lady AmaltheaThe Last Unicorncarrie_monsterComplete
Captain AmeliaTreasure PlanetMonkeyComplete
WelkinValkyria ChroniclesDanComplete
DVampire hunter dZaiburstComplete
CharlotteVampire hunter dKellyComplete
KanameVampire KnightVan DComplete
Hatsune MikuVocaloidgomimushiComplete
Nakahara SunakoYamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge - The WallflowerTaffeta_RoseComplete
KyoheiYamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge - The WallflowerTaffeta_RoseComplete