Bristol International Comic Expo 2008

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Event Information
Start DateFriday 9th May 2008
End DateSunday 11th May 2008

Event Description
Bristol comic expo caters towards Comic fans with a side line of anime.
There will be viewings, talks, artist signings and of course lots and lots of comics, not to mention the Eagle Awards Ceremony.

For cosplayers there will be a masquerade. Last year, cosplayers didn't have to pay the entry fee to the expo.

Seras Victoria


Rinoa Heartily


Tao Ren


Judge Anderson2000 ADomgitsbeaIn Progress
NightWingAfter Batman Robin becomes NightWingpinkazIn Progress
Suzaku KururugiCode Geass Season 1KuroStylrComplete
Great SaiyamanDragonball ZCrystalNekoComplete
Rinoa HeartilyFinal Fantasy 8GraceyDarlingComplete
Zack FairFinal Fantasy VII ; Crisis CoreDefrainComplete
Rufus shinraFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenRedKiraComplete
RenoFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenMirrorShieldComplete
RikkuFinal Fantasy X-2Kaka ExtremeComplete
Yuna BraskaFinal Fantasy X-2stripey_daniComplete
EdithGhost WorldEatmethoubeanComplete
Dark WalterHellsingSephNoirComplete
Seras VictoriaHellsingSephNoirComplete
The Green Lanternjustice leaguepinkazComplete
LinkLegend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeChibiComplete
ViviOne PieceKamikoComplete
NamiOne PieceXToadXComplete
NamiOne PieceNatsumiComplete
MoroPrincess MononokerhyyyComplete
Tao RenShaman kingryaokiComplete
RobinWitch hunter robinRedKiraPlanned
BeastX MenArkayenComplete
GambitX-men (cartoon and comic)lellow manComplete