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Cosplay Island is a portfolio site for cosplayers and costumers, focussed on UK news and updates but everyone is welcome. This site has been designed from the ground up by cosplayers for cosplayers, and we hope you find everything here both fun and easy to use.

As well as being a central place for everyone's costumes, we aim to keep everyone up to date with cosplay news and also hold an extensive events directory for past and upcoming events in the UK. Members can submit new events to the database for approval, if you are an event runner yourself and see you event missing, please email news@cosplayisland.co.uk to get it added!


Below are the people that keep the site running day to day and fix things when they break. If your question isn't answered in our FAQ, drop one of us a PM or send an email through to support@cosplayisland.co.uk.

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