What is cosplay?

If you've found this site we assume you've already have a clue what this hobby is about, but if not then here's your quick introduction to the colourful and creative world of cosplay.

Taken from the words 'costume play', the nickname cosplay was made popular in Japan in the '80s after being inspired by costumes at Sci-fi conventions. Cosplay originally encompassed costumes from Japanese series and media, but recently it is used as a more broad term for costumes from any types of series.

The scene in the UK took off in the late '90s, getting more and more popular at anime conventions and comic cons throughout the 2000s, and cosplay is now a very large part of many conventions with panels, competitions and masquerades.

There are even conventions that have now popped up that are completely dedicated to cosplay!

People take different things from the hobby, some choosing to make their costumes from scratch, some buying, some a bit of both. Those who make their costumes can often go on to take part in competitions, where cosplayers who really want to challenge themselves can compete internationally in various organised events.

Nowadays it's not uncommon to see people in cosplay outside of conventions, just for casual meet ups or fun, and it's a fairly recognised hobby having being featured on the BBC and in papers. MCM London Comic Con is probably the largest gathering of cosplayers who take over the Excel centre twice a year, with adverts featuring cosplayers plastered around London.

Cosplay is an amazingly creative and problem solving hobby, and we've proud of all the cosplayers who show off their work here at Cosplay Island.

Photos provided by www.manylemons.co.uk