Kumori Kitsune

Personal Information

personal photo
Name : Kumori
Location : USA
Date of Birth : 15th December 1994
Age : 22

Personal Bio

I love anime: pokemon, Tokyo Mew Mew, Sailor Moon. I LOVE foxes.
I am trying my hardest to become an known artist and work with many different mediums.
I am from the USA. I hate spelling.

Cosplay Bio

I have for a while now love cosplaying and right now am so in love with it. I make most of my own cosplays. I really want to get my cosplay out there and known. Like on google and people asking me to make them cosplay. That's why I try to do some characters that aren't done a lot, yet still doing some that are known.
I'm a plus size cosplayer and feel that all people should be able to cosplay.