About Me

As you can probably tell from my Costumes page, I like to cosplay characters that are way out of my body type! This is because I like to cosplay my favourite characters, not the characters I look best as. I'm not the skinniest person, so I'd run out of interesting characters pretty quickly if I only cosplayed the overweight ones! I got into cosplay to have fun with my friends at Halloween, and since then, my friends and I have been to quite a few cons (as many as our budget can handle!) dressed in various random costumes. Pippin4242 and I tend to choose pretty obscure characters to dress up as, especially if they haven't been done before.

Other Profiles

tumblr: angelinmakeup
deviantArt: kyuuketsukinousagi
pixiv: yatanokarasu
I rarely use these accounts anymore!


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