Personal Information

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Name : Rachel
Location : United States
Date of Birth : 9th November 1993
Age : 23

Personal Bio

I spend most of my time, wasting time.
I enjoy Cosplaying. ^.^
I belong to the following fandoms:
(Naruto, Pokemon, Homestuck.)
I am very indecisive.
I am too blunt at times.

I enjoy playing videogames. :3
I enjoy going to concerts. :D

I have very few friends... most of my BEST FRIENDS are from the internet.

My ultimate dream is to have a chill ass job and enough money to get me by and enjoy life with.
I would LOVE to move far away from Bristol.

I have a boyfriend. As of October 9th, 2012.
He has shown me what true happiness is. We never fight/argue... unless it's about games,and/or something involving where to eat at.
Everyday I spend with him is the best day of my life. The little things he says and does makes my heart melt.

I am completely in lesbians with Nicholas Andrew Owen.


Besides me being lovey dovey wiff Nic, I am a pretty chill person. Get to know me!

Cosplay Bio

I decided to cosplay the summer after my Senior Year of Highschool. (July of 2012.)