About Me

I think my first encounter with the whole idea of cosplay was reading an article about it. I found it incredibly interesting, alongside amazement at how much time and effort people put into their creations. So, I decided that for the MCM Expo of that year (2011) (which I believe I was already going to attend), I would jump in and have a go ^_^. My cosplay was Hikari Hanazono from Special A, which was a bought costume, alongside other various pieces (wig, contacts etc) added to it (my partner dressed as Light (Death Note). It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and, even though I wasn't expecting many people to recognise me, surprisingly a few did. Everyone was kind, friendly and approachable; this, alongside the awesomeness of the Expo, made for one fantastic weekend.

May 2013 (MCM London Comic Con) - Me and my partner attended the London MCM Expo, cosplaying as Holo & Lawrence from Spice & Wolf. Once again, the Expo was nothing short of absolutely brilliant ^_^

October 2013 (MCM London Comic Con) - Erutis from Demon Diary :)

May 2014 (MCM London Comic Con) - Nothing ^_^

May 2015 (MCM London Comic Con) - NiGHTS, as seen in Journey of Dreams.