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Name : Cheryl
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Location : Romford, WOO! ^_^
Date of Birth : 26th October 1986
Age : 30

Personal Bio

Well, I'm a 22year old female, I would call myself uber-otaku; I am into anime of all kinds, manga, and am reeeaaallly into Video Games, RPGs in particular! ^__^ I love cosplay, I recently discovered Yaoi (lol ;) ) and I also attended my first expo on 26th October 2008 ^_^
I am a small-time mangaka, brand new cosplayer, I play guitar, love the rock music and J-pop/rock. I make plushies and adore all things kawaii! ^_^

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplay for the London MCM Expo in October 2008, and I loved every second of it! ^_^ I love the way everyone in cosplay just gets along really quickly, and I love posing for photos... :p (Egotistical much? :P) Masquerade is fun, too. :D

Contact Information

deviantART: ruepaw

Facebook: Cheryl Linton (if you add me, message me telling me where you found me, or I will ignore you! :p ) rue_otaku

Photobucket: rue_otaku

MCM Forums: rue

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