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Name : James
Website :
Location : Suffolk UK & Manchester NH
Date of Birth : 8th July 1981
Age : 35

Personal Bio

I have been an avid cosplayer since early 2003 and long time Otaku. My cosplays have ranged from the simple to the extravagant. I am American from the US State Of New Hampshire. I have lived in the UK for two years working for the British & UK Government.

I have been on Convention staff of many different Anime events in the UK and the USA. I am a Veteran Security staffer for Anime Boston since 03; I have worked staff for Conneticon, Anime South. I am also a trained Military Medic though the American Red Cross. At Amecon this year, I was on the approved list of First Aiders. I have also provided medic support to Anime Boston and Conneticon.

As of the last two years, my cosplay interests have been split between Videographer and cosplay. This has leaded me to start up a company called Otaku Punch Pictures under my current trading name of JM Marketing and Media. We started out doing marketing consulting work for Anime events however, with the recent addition of a new Nikon D40X and Canon GL1 to my arsenal of high-end video equipment I have started to do photo shoots at little to no cost to cosplayers in the UK and USA.

The aim of Otaku Punch Pictures & Media is to put a positive spin on Cosplayers, Anime, Manga & ScFi. A current project in production is a documentary called Otaku Punch, A fans view of all things Anime, Manga and cosplay. I have traveled all around the world filming and doing work on this project. The street date is Oct 2009.

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Cosplay Bio

I have done allot of different cosplays. My basic belief is why do a cosplay if you can pull it off at least 85% to the person or thing you are cosplaying.

Current and Past cosplays

Optimus Prime
AD Police Officer (with real police car)
SG1 & SG8 Medic, Off World Uniform version
StarGate Utility uniform cosplay
Unit Soldier (New version) Doctor Who
Desert Punk
Jean Havoc
Inspector Zenigata
Lupin III
Sousuke Sagara
Officer Ken Nakajima
Racon City Police Officer

Contact Information

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