About Me

I started cosplaying in 2005 after seeing so many people doing it before me. Seeing how much fun everyone had who did made me want to join in, partly to see how it felt, and partly to see how people would react to me.

While I havent done whole costumes myself (Practically all bought online) I have done a few edits to articles of clothing (Editing 2 pairs of jeans and a jacket for a Roxas cosplay) and made a top from scratch. (My sewing skills arent on top form)

Proudest moment? I would have to say it was either my first cosplay experience. People were asking for pictures, trying to hug me (Before the free hug nonsence) and I felt really good. The other moment would be cosplaying who I thought was a rather unknown character at the time (Cooro from +Anima) and just having a huge amount of people recognise me.

Other Profiles

My e-mail address MattDarkZero@hotmail.com, you can also use that for MSN, but im not on there that often anymore.

You can find me on FaceBook, and on DeviantArt, but that doesnt get updated too often. (http://mattdark.deviantart.com/)


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