Personal Information

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Name : Ian
Website :
Location : Kent
Date of Birth : 29th December 1981
Age : 35

Personal Bio

I'm a pretty random person, website developer and photographer by trade, most of my work involves image manipulation and design.

I'm pretty new to Cosplay, only really got into it in 2012, and at 30 i guess i'm a member of the older crowd... still have fun though and can't wait to catch up with everyone else :D

Cosplay Bio

Got started when i started to attend MCM Expos... my first costume was the 10th Doctor (Doctor Who), from there i progressed onto Walter Dornez (Hellsing), but for next year I chose 2 quite ambitious projects, Alucard (Hellsing) and Jareth (Goblin King from Labyrinth), both of which are going to take a lot of time to get right, so I'm thankful of the 6 months i've got to perfect the costumes :D