About Me

What started me off was somebody in my school who was already cosplaying and some people online, in particular Twinfools and Nova who I got to meet for the first time in the summer of 2014!

As of yet, I haven't participated in Cosplay Competitions as it just isn't in the spirit of things that I often get most of my things commissioned or purchased online though with university, I'm hoping I can venture out into making my own costumes! However, I did take part in my school's cosplay masquerade as a part of their 2014 Literature Festival and won!

I started with 12 months of planning to go to London Expo as it didn't clash with exams or basketball commitments I had back then and never looked back since! :D

Other Profiles

skytreecosplay@hotmail.co.uk for any requests/questions
www.facebook.com/skytreecosplay for all the stuff any of you want to contact me with! :)