Personal Information

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Name : Hannah
Website : http://www.youtubecom/user/LittlexMissyx
Date of Birth : 13th July 1994
Age : 22

Personal Bio

Hey there,
My name is Hannah and I was made to make an account by my friend Nicole.... I hope this stops you complaining now XD

I like to sing and dance to all types of music, especially J-Pop, which you can see on my youtube accounts, LittlexMissyx (main account) and LittlexxMissyx (back-up account)

Cosplay Bio

I enjoy cosplaying as I can wear and outfit and feel different and I know that I'm not alone as there are tons of people who cosplay and have the same interest.
I started cosplaying 2008/2009 when I heard about the London MCM expo and me and my two friends went ^^