Personal Information

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Name : Sarah
Location : Essex, Romford
Date of Birth : 17th April 1996
Age : 21

Personal Bio

Hello i`m a 17 year old art student from Essex. I`m into gaming and anime ,however, my soon to be cosplay plans mainly come from Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem. I go to the cons based in London since it`s a lot of money to get to the cons up North :c .

I`m quite bubbily and love to talk about gaming and anime with people , i`m quite friendly so drop by for a chat anytime :D I love making new friends~

I hope you like my profile and give me some feedback :D

Cosplay Bio

So as said my soon to be cosplays are focused around Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem , I recently started making my own cosplays about a year ago , making armor for the first time this May :D I want to improve my sewing skills but lack of money I have to cut back :/

I got started in the Hetalia fandom and ordered my cosplay online starting off as Canada only buying a simple hoodie and wig then cosplaying Austria for the past 3 years . Then I broke out of my shell and made my own cosplay last year which felt great :D My greatest achievement was making Titania this year as I broke away from Hetalia and tried something challenging for me which was armor and all the compliments I got brought me to be confident in making more challenging cosplays such as Firion :D