About Me

Aaaah Cosplay. Such lofty dreams, such bleak reality. I generally only attend one summer convention a year but I want to change that so I'm going to have a look into conventions here in the Netherlands. My best cosplay event was definatly Ame08 where I actually managed to make 3 costumes. Since than things have gone slightly downhill and I have not made that much. Aya13 was more successfull. I made an aproximation of armour for the first time on a budget, did embroidery and had my costume worn by none other than Matt Mercer. XD

For 2014 I have a couple of costumes that I would really love to do.
So the plan is to:
1. Budget like a boss
2. Source the materials in good time
3. Pick a cosplay and stick to it
4. Start early... If possible
5. Buy own sewing beastie so that I don't have to worry about destroying my stepmothers vintage behemoth.
6. OSU!

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