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Name : Nikki
Website :
Location : United Kingdom
Date of Birth : 1st October 1990
Age : 26

Personal Bio

My real name is Nikki Mitchell, 21 from England. I am really new to this! So give me a chance yeah? xD I'm really easy to get along with, and can be a laugh! My day job [I say day job but I work night shifts] is a night care assistant, Similar to nursing in a way. I hope to become a model. I love music of all kinds! Reading, drawing and dancing.

Cosplay Bio

Being a fan of Gackto-san and of course YFCz [Yellow Fried Chickenz], I saw a picture of Gackt as a female, and that is where I got the idea from!I know I am not Japanese! But I enjoy being You-Chan. And like I said befoe, I don't have alot of experience with this yet. =]

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