Personal Information

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Name : Sash
Location : South Wales, UK
Date of Birth : 28th August 1988
Age : 28

Personal Bio


I'm Sash!

Have been known to be a muse...

I'm a rock music lover, loving anything loud that I can headbang to! Nothing makes me happier in life than live music, rocking out at shows, gigs and festivals! I'm Paramore crazy, a MASSIVE Musical Theatre fan, Cannot get enough of the stuff! Phantom of the Opera Phan and ADORE Wicked! I'm a Batman freak, avid movie watcher, geek, Welsh, vamp, rocker, cosplayer, Disney buff, supporter of the arts, comic book/superhero enjoyer, loves a good vilain, wheelchair user & would be Harley Quinn's BFF if she were a living person for sure!

I LOVE Harley Quinn and everything about her. She is my favourite ever character and all-time favourite to cosplay. She's also the one I get most positive feedback on.

My ultimate dream cosplay project is to one day cosplay as Christine Daae from the Phantom of the Opera but the movie version in her gorgeous white corset and dressing gown outfit she wears when she first meets the Phantom and of course have a dashing Phantom with every bit of suave as Gerard Butler himself and have some lovely shots in a gorgeous gothic backdrop.

Am also all over theatrical make-up and the alternative scene. Would love to do alternative modeling/cosplay photoshoots one day so if there's any aspiring make up artists or photographers out there, please keep me in mind!

Please hit me up & follow me on twitter @Welsh_Harls88 if you feel like. I will follow straight back if you let me know who you are.


Sash xxxx

Cosplay Bio

I love cosplaying as Harley Quinn she is my all-time favourite character EVER! Have also been known to cosplay as Jessica Hamby and Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood, Misty from Pokemon and Oracle/Batgirl!

My most recent new cosplay debut was Ariel from Disney's The Little Mermaid in her blue 'Town Dress' at MCM Expo Oct 2013 which was really fun, especially as had a Prince Eric too!

I can't make my own costumes but have an insane amount of creativity and vivid imagination.

I have had a lot of commissions made including Harley Quinn pjs, dressing gown, Mad Love nightie and slippers, classic animated series Harley costume, Gotham High Harley a beautiful Christine Daae Hannibal slave girl costume and infamous lair dressing gown from The Brilliant Original musical Phantom of the Opera -Sadly I never got to make use of this one but it has gone to a good home of a fellow phan who I know will adore it and look amazing in it so I'm happy. And most recently my stunning Ariel 'Town Dress'.

Planning to cosplay as Ariel in various costumes including her pink nightgown as am a part of a Disney slumber party cosplay group at some point in the future. Also plan to do Christine Daae Music of the Night/Lair Outfit from Phantom of the Opera (Movie Version) Hit-Girl and Daenerys Horse Heart Eater version ASAP.

My newest idea is a Harley Quinn orientated, original design but that's all I'm saying at this point because if I can find someone to make this, it'll be epic!