Siouxsie James

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Name : San
Location : United Kingdom

Personal Bio

I'm on sites such as this to meet friends, look at other people's costumes and gain feeback on my own costume attempts. Everyone has their own reasons for cosplaying, mine are to make things, meet people and enjoy cons.

Disclaimer* My photos are for browsing and feedback, they can also be used for your own costume reference. Please do not use my photos for your personal benefit, do not submit them to groups/pages without my permission, do not sell them and do not claim they are your own.

Cosplay Bio

My first ever costume was Kiki (Kiki's delivery service), I made it to wear to a party but it looked really bad and so I didn't want to wear it out of the house! I then bought my Sophie Hatter costume from a friend. Now I make some and buy some costumes.

Previous cosplays (with date they were made/bought):
Sheeta (Laputa), made (2014)
Blindfold (Xmen), bought (2014)
Paprika, bought/edited (2014)
Nausicaa (flight suit), made (2014)
Maze card (Card Captor Sakura), made/bought a base dress (2013)
Nausicaa, made (2013)
Gumi Megpoid (Vocaloid) mixed made and bought (2013)
Clarisse (Lupin iii, Castle of Cagliostro) made, with bought shirt (2013)
San curse mark version (Mononoke Hime), made (2013)
Sailor Mercury (Sailor Moon) bought (2013)
Boat Spirit (Spirited Away) made (2013)
Hikari (Evangelion) made (2013)
Major Kusanagi (G.I.T.S Sac) made (2012)
Mario, bought (2012)
San/Princess Mononoke (Mononoke Hime) made (2012)
Arrietty (The Borrower Arrietty) made (2011)
Beedrill (Pokemon) made (2011)
Oddish (Pokemon) made (2010)
Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle) bought (2010)
Kiki (Kiki's Delivery Service) made (2009)

Made for my sister or helped her with:
No Face (Spirited Away), made (2013)
Edward Scissorhands, put together (2014)