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Name : Sarah
Website :
Location : Bristol
Date of Birth : 11th August 1982
Age : 34

Personal Bio

I studied Illustration at university to become a freelance illustrator and I also now work 2 other jobs, both with children. LORD HELP ME...though that's probably why I've never really grown up.
I'm a self-confessed anime geek with a 2D complex and cosplay on the brain. Someday I may work up the courage to own one of those dodgy hug-pillows to become a full-blown FUJOSHI~! XD; Hur hur hur DERP

Cosplay Bio

The thing I love most about cosplay is the sheer fun of it all. It's great to be someone other than yourself, and the process of making a costume and getting all kitted up is just part of that fun.
Cosplaying with my little group of friends is one of my favorite things I could possibly do. Eventually, we plan to work through every Final Fantasy game to complete cosplays from all of them!
My cosplay dream would be to get a Suikoden group togethor, with all the Stars Of Destiny! *___*

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I caved in to peer pressure and set up an account...XD;;