Personal Information

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Name : lizzie
Location : AY
Date of Birth : 22nd November 1995
Age : 21

Personal Bio

Urm me i go to the mandeville i like to have fun... i get bored really easily i bum hugs meeting new ppl talking about fun things i like music i can becaome an arse most the time but tell me if i am ... i like to wear skinnies alot unless i'm cosplaying xD my ipod phone and eyeliner die with out it xD i like strawberries any type sweets of fruit ... if u ever get my number DON'T and i repeat DON'T call me or text me in the mornings of a holiday or weekend or i will kill you x3

Cosplay Bio

urm i like doing easy one but i'll star to get into complicated ones xD urm my friens got me into cosplaying i thought it was a waste of time at first but when u get into the habbit u can get alot of friends because of it , i like making skits and having pic of me cuz i like to laugh at how stupid i looked lol urm i think i regret being L in may cuz there was like 9 but i was awesomest in the skit xD

Contact Information

add me if u like to talk alot like me xD bluealchemist@hotmail.co.uk