Personal Information

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Name : Lisa
Website : http://bloodsugarcosplay.wordpress.com/
Location : Scotland
Date of Birth : 28th December 1988
Age : 28

Personal Bio

I'm not very good at these but here I go!

I am once again employed! I'm currently working in Poundworld (yay?). I have worked in Game twice, Red5 in Hamleys and HMV.
I have always been more of an Artistic person which so far has been a good thing! :D I am usually quite chatty and energetic.
I'm quite easy to bribe into cosplaying something cause if I like the look of it I will generally cosplay it. Not always a good thing! xD Unfortunatly when I meet people IRL I am usually the opposite, I become really shy when meeting new people so if I have ever done an awkward turtle moment to you I appologise D:

Cosplay Bio

What makes me interested in a cosplay is a costume that excites me or I can see myself having fun wearing! I saw people cosplay alot when I looked for images online of characters but I never really got into cosplaying till my first Con back in 2005 when I was 16 so just the right age to go. Had a hastle trying to get my parents to cave in and let me go though XD.

I try to attened a at least one Convention a year this isnt including Expos.
So far I have attened :- Ayacon'05, Amecon'06, Auchinawa'06, Amecon'07, Amecon'08, Auchinawa'08, Ayacon'09, Auchinawa'10, London May Expo'10, Ayacon'11, Dee-con'12, Kitacon IV, Amecon'12 and Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Celebration London.

For 2013 I am booked for Ayacon (duh) but hope to attend May Expo, I'm not sure on any other cons that year and I do get 5 n a half weeks paid holidays from work... hmmmmm :D

Contact Information

I am a member of Blood/Sugar Cosplay which consists of Myself, Zomboi, Pudding and X'amd. X'amd will be changing her name soon I think!

Tumblr - http://fallenraine.tumblr.com/ (kiiinda get it... Honest?)

If you want to chat feel free to PM me~ :3