About Me

I cosplay through passion, i've always loved dreesing up and pretending to be someone else,
it's just so easy to get lost in a character.
as mentioned above I love the feeling to the point of cosplaying for any reason possible,
even if I just feel like it at 1am.
I have many small projects, including a Latias hat (well sorta, it's kinda like a hat/helmet hybrid (blurggh mouthful)) I made, through to bags and cute things (like a fluffy mouse (from a pet shop) on a hair clip to cosplay a kitty,

I like cosplaying actual canon characters (i believe they are called?) but I love designing and cosplaying my OCs, such as my Diclonius OC Kyoko, she's adorable (I think I need to make my nose smaller and stuff to cosplay her better, "TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!" *flies away*)

I love making cosplays from scratch but sometimes I have to just buy items due to time, as a working artist I spend a lot of time on that, I wish I had more time to make items instead of buying them, I get such a sense of achievement from it,

also I spend a lot of time practising make-up to suit different cosplay themes, I guess I'm pretty proud of my make-up technique, although it probably sucks.

I plan to progress much further in my cosplaying ventures, and hopefully get the money to attend an expo one time, maybe I'll see you there?

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