Personal Information

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Name : Sev
Location : Germany

Personal Bio

I'm a 24 years old Art History/Philosophy student from Germany.
I live with my girlfriend and when we're not playing games on the PS2/3 we write lots of RPGs and discuss fanfictions or The X-Files.
I'm pashionate about a lot of things although I'm currently really OBSESSED with Transformers (not just the movies which are nice to watch but nothing that exceptional) and Batman.

My currently favourite books are The Edge Cronicles by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell but my favourite authors are Stephen King and Terry Pratchett.

I listen to lots of music and don't really have a style I prefer most. It varies from classic (Beethoven, Smetana) to rock'n roll (Elvis) to even Visual-Key (Dir en Grey) when I'm in the mood.
Although right now I just love to listen to all kinds of OSTs (games and movies).

I would consider myself friendly and at times crazy along the lines of 'still waters run deep'. In my free time I LOVE to discuss movies, games and chocolate. Yes you read right I love eating, discussing and making all kinds of chocolate/brownies/cakes/cupcakes/sweets etc =D
Give me a cocoa and I'll love you 'till the day I die ;)

Cosplay Bio

It was because of a friend that that my girlfriend and I discovered this great hobby. Since we started cosplaying about four years ago we met TONS of different friendly people and I think we grew with our tasks.
It all started with Bleach and although I don't read that series anymore I'm still in love with the characters and still like to cosplay them.
I enjoy mostly about cosplay that I get to know so many different kinds of people not just from Germany but from all over the world. My life would be so dull without all those nice friends and I cherish every precious memory I have of them.