Personal Information

Name : Rebecca
Location : West Sussex.
Date of Birth : 24th February 1990
Age : 27

Personal Bio

I'm never any good at writing bios. I always regret them or mostly think oh wait I sound blooming stupid. But that's kind of true with anything.

I do the odd bit of volunteering but other than that I'm pretty boring and generally unemployed (long story for me to know and for you to wonder about). I do like to draw though (and I seem to horde art supplies along with almost everything else). I like to design. My hands are often covered in ink. I'm mostly away with myself...but that's changing rapidly.

I'd like to call myself mysterious and outgoing but those contradict each other. Maybe I'm a perfectionist as well, I'm not entirely sure. I'm said to be helpful at times and I have a pretty good eye for detail. generally I like things on the darker side of things though I have my weaknesses...

Cosplay Bio

I've had a general interest in fashion and costume most of my life. I like crazy clothes and such so I was kinda drawn to cosplay but to be fair I've never really had the confidence to pull it off until recently, and in the past generally everything I made kinda looked rubbish.

Then I decided I wanted to learn how to sew. Luckily that went well. And got me out of a pretty horrible depressive rut, which I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Why do I like cosplay? Basically it's all fun to me and the buzz you get is brilliant really. I personally like all the problem solving you have to do (or what am I going to do to alter this the way I want it) and the results. I personally like to look for what I think'll work best (but honestly I think that's the perfectionist in me coming through). Generally I'll give everything a go though and hope for the best.

Seeing the whole article complete is pretty awesome in itself too, and networking which is something I am not that good at but I'll learn. I'll learn.

Contact Information

I'm at quite a few places. Feel free to add me, I like people to talk to.

Twitter: dontwistheknife
Tumblr: dontwistheknife (I don't post on here much)
Skype: urhardrockinamigo
MSN: groovinmagic@hotmail.com