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Name : Angel
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Location : Chippenham

Personal Bio

Heellooooo~ I am AngelShan. I am a Scottish girl who lived in Germany most of her life. I am open to cultures and came across the Japanese fashion 'Lolita'. I have two lolita buddies called Arielle and Ola. My preferred lolita is Classical lolita but I also would dress as a hime, ama or country loli. Out of my two loli mates I am mostly classic. I prefer the elegance and sweetness of the look and I'm getting a Alice inspired classical lolita dress and one day I will literally live in my lolita clothes. I am shy in my school but I am a funny, happy person. My appearance? well, I have long blonde hair and blue eyes and I like to try and look like a doll. I'm 5'4 and a half and I have pinky pale skin as I don't tan ((lack in iron, I used to tan when I was younger)) x AngelShan

Cosplay Bio

I am a beginner, I admit. I have been trying to focus on lolita but there is too much cosplays for me to do out there. My first ever cosplay was Misa Amane from deathnote ((which will be in my costumes)) and then my second was Soul from Soul Eater ((yet again will be in costumes)) then my third cosplay was Elizabeth Middleford~
My future cosplays:
Greece from Hetalia
Future Luke from Professor Layton
England from Hetalia
Rena from Higurashi
Lolita ((i know it isn't cosplay but it had to be said X3)) x AngelShan

Contact Information

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x AngelShan