About Me

I don't really know how to explain my interest in cospaly. I enjoy doing it because it allows me to be my true self once in a while. I get lost in the amazement of oter cosplays and other peoples amazing effors. I've always had a thing for dress up anyways. I've never really thought about dressing up as game characters though. I first started cosplaying back in May 2006 and haven't stopped since. A friend of mine introduced me to cosplay and things snowballed from there. I don't really have a proud moment of cosplay...maybe when i finally decided to cosplay what i want, and ignore what people think about it. My greatest acheivment in cosplay EVER, was winning 3rd prize at my very first convention i went to. It was the best day i had ever experienced. That's pretty much it.

Other Profiles

Skype Username: zero_mizuki