Personal Information

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Name : Morgan
Location : London

Personal Bio

Hi there. It's nice to meet you~
My name is Morgan. A lot of people call me Tor/Toris, or various other nicknames to do with characters they associate me with ;v;''

I live in London, so I often find a way to get to most cons in the area~
My other interests are drawing, novels, anime, manga, live drama and video games. I adore owls, partridges and moths uvu
I have a really keen interest in veterinary science, and my dream is to go to university and study that.

Cosplay Bio

I think I got into cosplay when I was around eleven/twelve, so that would have been shortly after I got majorly into anime/manga etc.
My first ever cosplay was Crona, from Soul Eater, which I wore to my very first expo >w< my father helped me make the sword, which bent throughout the day due to its size x'3
Since then my interest and love for it grew, and I've met so many new people and made a lot of new friends.
I adore the feeling of going to a convention in cosplay. It's not the same in plain clothes. If someone recognises your character [especially if they're quite obscure] that just makes it even better!
A lot of my cosplay-making consists of buying clothes and modding them, though I do sew a lot of stuff from scratch. I don't use any patterns, it's just me, a sewing machine, and tracing paper.

Contact Information

Send me a message if you're interested in talking more besides here uvu