About Me

Started cosplaying about 3 or 4 years ago; started dressing up and prancing around my living room before I realised there was a whole commuinity of people like me out there!
My first cosplay was the Academy Hisagi Shuuhei from Bleach and since then I have done a whole bunch of charcters, mostly Naruto. I mainly buy rather than make my costumes as I dont really like sewing and have no room for a machine in my tiny flay, but I love making props and dyring/styling wigs and oher more hands-on/get dirty type things.

I don't really care if people have done my charcters a million time before, because I choose who I do based on how much I like them as charcters not to win some more-obscure-than-thou contest ^__^ Therefore you may notice a little bit of a theme in my charcters personality wise - so no points for guess what type of charcters make me melt into a puddle of orgasmic joy...

Other Profiles

Check out my DeviantArt for cosplay journal and full gallery adn livejournal for more general life type stuff and my Japan trip traveljournal and photos.

I am also on cosplay.com with the same username.