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Name : Bridie Lizette
Location : Norfolk
Date of Birth : 24th August 1992
Age : 24

Personal Bio

I'm Bridie or Birdie or Diex-Bri or Catnip Dream or even El-Hazard in some places but call me what you want =3
I'm a fairly small (5 foot nothing just over 6 stone) little girl, I try to look cute because of its the complete opposite of the anime I like. I like moe and senin anime, anime aimed at 18-40 year old (pervy) men because its fun ^^
I love shows like strike witches, samurai girls, K-ON!, Ro Kyu Bu shows like that. It all started with Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star then I fell deeper and deeper into the void of moe till I couldn't live my life without it.
I do often play at the fact that my tastes in anime are quite opposite to how I look (people would think I like shojo manga if they saw me which I do sometimes (hey I'm a girl =3)) even to the extent of at the charity auction at ayacon bidding on the hug pillow featuring the Angel from Angel Beats naked but with wings just covering. I must say most people were quite taken a back at that but I did want it =D
Before people ask, no I'm not gay which is even more surprising I guess and the fact I'm quite happy with my boyfriend and he's happy with my moe addiction (he is worried at times especially with the hug pillow thing and once I told him I loved Azu-Nyan and would marry her if he dumped me XD)

~I'm a pastry chef of love, moderately sweet for you~
As well as moe, cooking and baking are my passion! I get sad when I haven't cooked or baked anything in a while, because of that, I'm currently in my 2nd year of catering college and searching for a kitchen job (for both money and experience in a real kitchen!)

~Even if you can't fly, its no problem the ground keeps on going anyway~
I'm pretty slow and spacey (think Osaka!) and I get spooked super easily, if you spook me often I stand there and we'll sit there confused or I'll run away where then you'll sit there confused it'll be amusing! But I try to enjoy everything I do, be it sewing badly, cooking or baking, being outside in the cold or anything, I'll try to have fun with it! Except being in the rain or on water rides I have a mild fear of water =o

~Girls are strong, you know.
But sometimes they can be weak, you know.
Our wish is, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!~

Other things are
~I really enjoy remembering song lyrics
~I'm going to own a maid cafe one day
~I'm a Type B Otaku (Look it up!)
~Everyday should be happy
~I love Phineas and Ferb
~I have a small shrine to cat girls
~My cars name is Panda and will hopefully appear in later cosplay shoots!

Cosplay Bio

Hm, I originally started cosplaying because it was fun, and it still is. I'm easily influenced so now my cosplays reflect things I want to be but never can, for example, I discovered Race Queens (Look it up!) and wanted to be one but found out they were like models and I'm 5 foot nothing so that dream was out the window till cosplaying came in! Another is being a samurai but cosplaying makes that real!
I can achieve all the things I want to be but never can, thanks to cosplaying!
I currently want to be an idol right now X3

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