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Name : Dando
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This is the rare species known as the Dando, whose natural habitat consists of badly lit caves and large piles of soft fibers, which the Dando will roll in to keep warm. The Dando is a scavenger, and can typically be found pawing at the fridge or sniffing at the windows of second-hand stores located near to its cave, or perhaps near the places where other species of similar temperament can be found. It will habitually hoard any objects that it finds interesting; so do not be alarmed at the Dando's vast collection of shiny objects, feathers, hats, safety pins or toupees.
The Dando's diet consists of whatever it can scavenge. If you wish to catch a Dando, you best bet is to leave a bowl of unwrapped chocolates in an area where the Dando can see them, and when the beastie has been lured in, cover the Dando in a warm, heavy duvet, where it will soon fall asleep and allow you to come close to it. Do not attempt to capture the Dando in its cave, or disturb it when it is asleep, as you will be eaten. The danger zone of the Dando is located between her legs, as no one knows what is between them as all subsequent trespassers have been squeezed to death.

Cosplay Bio

The Dando first embarked on the adventure known as "cosplay" when it tried to become warm by rolling in mud. The final result can be found here:

...Ironically, this is exactly how the Dando looks in the morning just after it has woken.

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