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Name : Momo and Iruka
Date of Birth : 24th January 1994
Age : 23

Personal Bio

Hi, my name is Momo and i'm sharing my account with Iruka

Who i am ? :

I'm an open person for everyone !
I like to go away with some friends.
I'm creative and lazy. I like to make fun and laught most of the time, but i can be serious if i have to. At school i'm very quiet and most of all alone, but i have some guys to stay with at school, to chat and stuff. But they are no friends.

I love to draw ( most of all Anime).
Make AMV's, do voice over's with friends , collect anime and japanese stuff and most important off all :
I cosplay !
Addicted to :

- Anime series

Characters :

<3 Aizen
<3Iruka (my love)
<3Gai and Lee
<3<3<3 Ect...

Anime :

Most of al ^^
( but also a LOT of others)


Iruka-sensei is the most iportant person to me , cuz she stole my heart and took my soul on a good way.<3 12-06-10 is a Date i shall never 4 get.
We are staying toghetter for ever and ever <3<3 Until death tears us appart *hugs*

Lotte (Tsunade-sama) , is a very good friend of mine ! Miss you Tsunade-sama ^w^ BFFL

Sakura-chawn is also a very good friend of mine, Antwerp meeting was awsome! Miss you too Saku BFFL ! x33

I think this is the most important to know about me, but if you wanna know more you can ask questions !

Greets Momo-chaawn ^///^

Who is Iruka :

I'm open for other people and i like Kakashi a LOTTT !! ^///^
I also like to draw kakashi hih ^^
and love to collect alot about naruto the serie.
I love my love Momo <3 toghetter for ever nwly
and Lot and Saku are also my best friends ! BFFL ^^
I'm a friendly and sweet person (describes Momo).
I like to make also new cosplays and invite new ones too !
I am addicted (on a good way) to making cosplay pics and its one of my biggest hobbies !
I like to watch tv, but not often and like to play games like naruto !!
You can watch also some little movies on you tube : gamegirl1994 and Flippyfan1994 is from Momo ^^
I like to go on conventions ! And make new friends ^^
At school i'm quiet but somethimes a big mouth (also on a good way hihi ) I like to make fun with friends and go out for a walk with my love ^^
Anime :

-Naruto Shippuden
(most of all but also others :p)

Hope you like our account ! Greets Iruka-sensei ;)

Cosplay Bio

I cosplay !

Who? : -Orochimaru
- Yamato
- Izumo (NEW)
- Momo Hinamori
- Aizen
I also can cosplay others if i want to (other jounins-shounins and shinigami's)

Iruka cosplays ! :
- Kakashi young
- Kakashi hatake
-Iruka Umino
-Kotetsu (New)
(other variants jounin , shounin )

Pics :

Visit us at deviantart : MomoIru1994
(cosplay pics and drawings)

Contact Information

Pics :

Visit us at deviantart : MomoIru1994
(cosplay pics and drawings)