Personal Information

personal photo
Name : Michael
Website : https://www.facebook.com/sixsix5
Location : Middlesbrough
Date of Birth : 3rd May 1988
Age : 29

Personal Bio

Job: PC Repair Technician
Drink: Diet Coke
Food: Fajitas
Like: Cold Pillows
Dislike: Hot Weather

AKA Meeps

I have been described as 'dead nice' which I can accept. I like relatively simple things like cold pillows, small musical instruments and VHS tapes. I go a bit strange for no apparant reason such as building forts out of pillows and towels or laughing at inanimate objects.

I like to illustrate, currently working on a graphic novel which I wrote when I was back in university. https://www.facebook.com/sixsix5

Cosplay Bio

I first did Lag Seeing at May MCM Expo 2010 and after a nervous start I loved it.
Since then I've travelled more Expo's and cons and now a member of Watapachi cosplay.

Events I attended:

London MCM Expo October 2009 (No cosplay)
London MCM Expo May 2010 (Lag Seeing)
NEMAcon I June 2010 (No cosplay)
London MCM Expo October 2010 (Kouta Tsuchiya; Oz Vessalius)
Kitacon III April 2011 (Kouta Tsuchiya; July; Czeslaw Meyer)
London MCM Expo May 2011 (Orihara Izaya)
NEMAcon II June 2011 (No cosplay)
Hyper Japan II July 2011 [Olympia 2, London] (No cosplay)
Ayacon August 2011 [Warwick Arts Centre] (QB, Ciel)
Fushicon I November 2011 [Northhampton Park Inn] (Orihara Izaya, Remilia Scarlet & Jacob Meepsville)
Kitacon IV April 2012 [Hilton Birmingham Metropole] (Hansel, Meeps Cat Kigu)
Amecon August 2012 [Keele University] (Ryuuji & Umbreon)

Events I'm attending 2013:

MCM Comic Con London May (24-26th) Cosplay: Frosted Ezreal
Ayacon August (16-18th) [Warwick University] Cosplay: TBA

Contact Information

MSN: ozzie_rancid@hotmail.com
FB: www.facebook.com/ozzieros