About Me

I haven't been cosplaying very long. (Especially compared to some people.) But I sure as hell am enjoying it! It was actually my brother who got me into cosplay, but I didn't really take much convincing.

I enjoy the atmosphere of cons, usually everyone is really friendly and open, and of course it's great to be somewhere people have the same interests as you. I also love looking around the stalls and buying stuff, and I always love to hear people tell me I have a good outfit, as I often do for other people.

My proudest moment in cosplay is... Probably when that group of cute asian girls all asked me for a photo with them. Think that was October last year? Epic stuff. XD But I'd also say my Army of Two cosplay was my most successful one yet.

Other Profiles

Email/MSN: Majic275@hotmail.co.uk
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/towardsthesun
Tumblr: http://hanhyuga.tumblr.com/

So yeah, I have an account on just about everything. XD Feel free to add me on any of these, just please tell me who you are though, just so I know. :D


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