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Name : Jemma
Website :
Location : All over the UK
Date of Birth : 11th August 1987
Age : 29

Personal Bio

I specialize in wigs and hairpieces, and also run my own commission business (Flutterfall Styling), as well as being an award-winning hairstylist :)
I love make up art and the crazier the better!
I am more of a 'support' costumer than a serious one, and don't get as involved as I used to, but prefer to aid other costumers with their plans :) You'll find me assisting at repair desks and doing wig panels.

I'm think I'm very easy to get on with and love meeting new people! It has been said I'm a little flambuoyant and 'shocking', but I prefer 'extrovert' ;)

My favourite costume is my Crisis Core Cloud costume, I have one version of him left I want to do and then it's over! Well, not OVER, but I'll have to think of something else ;)
I'm not very good at making costumes at all and my skill level is very low (I'm more of a 'modifier') but I enjoy the hair and make up and have a good laugh on photoshoots :)
I'm also starting to get into props as well, and so far it's tremendous fun!
Much love to all!

Cosplay Bio

I've done more costumes than I've shown photos of, but then I have my reasons for not including them - mostly shame :)
My first real costume was AC Cloud in 2005 and it took me 2 years to get it the way I wanted it. It's now indefinitely retired ;) Secretly my first cosplay was a closet job in 2002, Android 17 of DBZ.
Wigs are my favourite part of a costume so I like to choose costumes with unusual or challenging hairstyles. I'm also dabbled in fibreglass and the suchlike, and while it was a big adventure, I am not cut out for plastics ;)

Contact Information

Here are the links to a couple if you get curious, but each is about the same as the rest!
Flutterfall Styling:

I think that's enough :)