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Name : Karen
Website :!/Guardian.Fairy?sk=info
Location : Kidderminster
Date of Birth : 11th July 1970
Age : 46

Personal Bio

♥ I am good, but not an angel. I do sin, but I am not the devil. I am just a small person in this world trying to live her life ♥

♥ Cats! Bengal Tigers! Black Panthers! Dolphins! ♥

(\ /)
(. .)

♥ Life! Gaming! Music! Final Fantasy! ♥

♥ PC! Wii! Xbox 360! Kinect Sensor! ♥

♥ Twilight! Supernatural! Torchwood! Being Human! True Blood! The Vampire Diaries! ♥

♥ Im a very outgoing person once u get to know me. I love to laugh, though Im serious when I need to be, I love romance I think its the last true form of expression left in the world, Im a very passionate person and put my heart and soul into everything. Also, I still have the ability to find the world a beautiful place, even when there is so much wrong with it and I guess that explains my love of travelling ♥

♥ Employment Status - I am currently working towards an undergraduate degree ♥

♥ Nickname ~K~

♥ Interests - Music! Gaming! Gigs! Conventions! Facebook! Twitter! Cinema! ♥

♥ Bands - Metal, Drum n Bass, Electronic & Trance Music! ♥

♥ Favorite Quotes - At the end of the day, how you are imprinted on someones life and heart is the only true mark any of us leave on this earth ♥

Contact Information

Facebook -!/Guardian.Fairy?sk=info