About Me

ooooki, so i got started in cosplay when i was like 14, went to a fancy dress party as duke devlin (SP) from yugioh and reeeally liked it, so i started making things, like cat ears, tails, customizing clothes and stuff. that kinda died down for a while untill the end of high school, when i somehow got into manag and anime again (not that im complaining!) and started sewing again, heard about conventions and stuff through neo-mag..and thats pretty much, where im at now ^^
i looove making costume, and just watching them progress from one stage to another, i like challenging myself, as ive had no training in costume design/making so im kinda proud of what ive done so far ^^ currently working on my first furry costume (and likely my last!) which is fun but really tiring

Other Profiles

livejournal : kitty_23
facebook: cat apps
myspace: www.myspace.com/kitty_yachiru
deviantart: kitty-yachiru
gaiaonline: kitty_yachiru


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