About Me

I started Cosplaying in 2005 after i attended my first MCM expo. I had just left my Bowling league due to age and wasn't accepted into the Adult league as it was full. I loved the idea of dressing up as my favorite character, got really excited, this was my kind of thing. the following expo i decided i wanted to cosplay, as a gift from a friend i was bought a cosplay. I really enjoyed it had lots of laughs! when i attended again i didn't cosplay, i felt really glum, miserable and left out! (the company didn't help) I also didn't know anyone of any websites or anything so meeting new people was tough. I attended with my sister another year and i still felt the urge to continue attending, and the following year i met My boyfriend, happiest expo of my cosplay life! at this point I had only cosplayed one character(although i had tried making my own it failed), once i had met him in 2007 I really wanted to give cosplay my all, though to start with only buying cosplays not knowing how to make my own making few adjustments and stling wigs, like with my fight card and miku. My ideas got adventurous and finding it hard to buy the costumes and wigs i started styling my own wigs and making my own costumes Starting with Guildwars Canthan Armour, wanting to be more original in my ideas and designs things went on from there.

I guess what i love about cosplay the most is having something to put in my creative flare, i love making cosplays the most, and meeting people. I like the photos, however, one day i would like to go out for a photoshoot somewhere like an old derilict church or woodlands or something, =3

I never actually entered the masquerade before my first time ever was May 2011 With My sylvari cosplay after lots of encouragement by friends, I was surprised when we picked up first place best in parade. You can then imagine how chuffed i was then to get Runners up for the Neo Mag cosplay idol Calender later in the year with my Necromancer cosplay. 2011 was a year of acheivements for myself, it was only 2 but for me that was a major step and confidence boost in my own skills, and cant wait to see what the future brings and what other materials skills and costumes i can explore!

2013 Has come and my new Venture into Cosplay has seen the Start of JustCosplay, a Cosplay Blogging site for cosplayers like myself To give back to the community everything we have learnt. from tutorials and progress to Videos and interviews.

Contact Information

Facebook: http://facebook.com/​ZGMFLuna
DeviantArt: http://hatsune-hawke.deviantart.com/
MSN: SylvariOfTyira@hotmail.co.uk
Skype: HatsuneHawke
Guildwars: Hatsune Hawke
Guildwars2: Farsia.9867
Steam: ZGMFLuna

Website : http://justcosplayblog.wordpress.com/