Personal Information

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Name : Mitchelle Luna
Location : london
Date of Birth : 6th July 1993
Age : 23

Personal Bio

Name: Mitchelle
Nickname Luna

Occupation: Student, cosplayer, dance assistant, sailing instructor

Likes: Anime, manga, cosplaying, lollipops , Cup Cakes !, dancing, skipping, picniks, sandy beaches, the summer, sailing, i am also interested in photography

Dislikes: Mean/overly judgmental people,

Fears: small spaces, bugs

Personality: just another one of those crazy unique person who is always hyper and up for a laugh !!

Style: i am a style ;)

Favourite Mangas: Naruto, Bleech, One peice, Pokemon, Kingdom hearts Death Note, +anima, sailor moon, Pokemon (the oringinal series, vampire knight, fake, code geass,

Favourite Animes: Lucky Star, Naruto, Bleech, One peice, Pokemon, death note, yugio, card capters, code geass, vampire knight.

Favourite Books: I dont really read because i cant sit still for long enough but i have enjoyed reading the harry potter books, Twilight, percey jackson and i listened to the audio books of lord of the ring (cause i am cool)

Favourite Bands: Muse, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Evanescence, you me at 6 , brand new, hollywood undead.

Favourite Games: KINGDOM HEARTS, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Devil may cry.

Cosplay Bio

it all started when i started to go to candem market <3 i over heard some people talking about the london expo and i decided to go and check it out ... i offically fell in love with manga and anime on a whole new level !!

after that day i started cosplaying as Itachi Uchia i made several music vids and blogs as Itachi unfortunatly my youtube account got deleted because my friends and i had made a video that youtube didnt like ; / this upset me and i have only just got around to remaking a new you tube page. After My Itachi Uchia cosplay i was Misa Amine ( Death Note) and i few others i once tryed making a tifa lockheart costume but its failed so epically

my hopes for future cosplays :
sexy no jutsu sauke ;)
misa misa

dreams / goals
i would love to join or start a cosplay group to make skits and cmvs and just be incredibly amazing ! this still hasnt happened =[ ... Any one you wants to start a cosplay group that lives in heartfordshire get in contact =]
i would also like to start taking photos (i am taking photography as an alevel)

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