About Me

I am proud to be a cosplayer and founder of an upcoming cosplay group; HolyNinjaNanCosplay, you can find us on youtube.
Not much to say really. I am just an average cosplayer, who wants to see more people and their epic cosplay. I got started when someone introduced me to the London MCM Expo In the UK and wanting to be like the characters I love and then it was born. :D
I love cosplaying just for the people, everyone is so nice in this community and it is a great thing to get into. Not to mention most people look awesome, it brings people together and makes people happy. that surely has to be one of the best.
I guess that is it:D. I am looking to do more cosplays in the future and I am continuing to look for more and I got quite a list going. :D
I currently Cosplay; Byakuya Kuchiki, Sosuke Aizen, Haruhi Fujioka, Renji Abarai, Yachiru Kusajishi and more coming soon.
I am planning quite alot and here are some~ :3
Sebastian Mikaelis, Kyouya Ootori, Squall Leonheart, Sora and few more :3

Other Profiles

Youtube: www.youtube.com/yugiohfan22
Cosplay Group Youtube: www.youtube.com/holyninjanancosplay
Cosplay Group DeviantArt: www.holyninjanan.deviantart.com
DeviantArt: www.lemgemapple.deviantart.com
Fan Fiction.net: www.fanfiction.net/~animenmangafanfictions
Photography DeviantArt: www.lgaphotography.deviantart.com

These are the main sites you can find me on, my facebook stays to myself though. :D.