About Me

I have always gone weak at the knees for fancy dress ... when I became interested in Japanese Pop Culture I discovered Cosplay and I was just blown away by how hard people work and the results they achieve. I like to think I'm very creative, I draw, paint and photograph ... I've decided that if I put my mind to it I don't see why anything would stop me putting that creativity into making awesome costumes. Except, I can't sew ^^; ... Still, I am determined to learn, I have lots of enthusiasm, a good eye for detail and a habit of being something of a perfectionist when it comes to anything I create. If I don't like it, I won't display it ... Oh, and I have a very helpful Mammy who is dead good at sewing - with her by my side, I cannot fail! I think Cosplay is more than exactly replicating a costume ... I realise this statment makes little sense. Of course it is about replicating the costume but I'll admit some cosplay bugs me, because the outfits don't look real ... Too blocky, or larger than life, I don't know .... My approach to Cosplay is that it's all going to be in the small details, to create a live action interpretation of that character and their clothing ... I'm hoping that on that side of things I'll be alright ... the role playing side ... I've less confidence about =S

Other Profiles

I'm also a member of cosplay.com