About Me

I first learned of cosplay in 2005 and at that time it was a magical thing that only skilled people did...and being young it seemed like there was no way that I would find cosplayers in the UK. In 2007 I went to my first expo and I was inspired to cosplay... I began Xiao Qiao in January 2008 and it took 4 months to complete. I was PROUD. I met the great Koei cosplayers in the May that year, took part in my first masquerade and...I won the junior competition (don't know how that happened). I then went on to do more! But didn't win much, lol.

My proudest costume: Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji - halloween dress)
The costume I had the most fun in (and the cheapest): Android 18 (It was epic with my dad as 16)

What I enjoy most is the sense of achievement I feel when I finish a costume. And I love to meet people with a common interest, even if I don't talk much. What I hate...the hole it leaves in my pocket. ;_;

Other Profiles

I'm Xiaoqiaorocks and Heiri-XQR so...go search if you wanna find. *points to dA, ff.net and Tumblr*