Personal Information

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Name : Chris
Website : http://www.supereffective.co.uk
Location : Reading
Date of Birth : 28th August 1984
Age : 32

Personal Bio

Hey! I'm Chris, I'm a boring old software developer, probably why I like cosplaying to offset it ;-), I have a degree in Computer Games Technology, not as exciting as it sounds, but decided I didn't like the idea of long hours and rubbish pay.

I'm quite into my games and I am a lover of RPGness, Older (pre-FF10) Final Fantasys being my favourites with a sprinkling of Elder Scrolls and recently Dragon Age.

Although I can look quite serious (it's just my natural face) don't be afraid to come speak to me, I'm honestly not that bad!

Cosplay Bio

First cosplayed at Ayacon '11 as Zack Fair including being in the Masquerade. Everything that could go wrong with the costume went wrong, buster sword cracked, paint job scuffed, trouser zip broke boot zip glue came off and the buster sword magnets gave way but I had an AMAZING time!

Contact Information

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/chris.carter.391 - Add away