About Me

I guess first things first, Pokemon was the trigger for my great love and interest in anime (cliched i know but it happens). From the age of about 9 i got obsessed and just watched every anime i could get my hands on, and for the last 10 years i feel i have expanded my mind out beyond what i would have become if i had had a normal life.

It all started about 3 years ago when my good friend Adam (fishyfins) decided to go to a convention in Hull, i was curious as to what it was and so i found myself dragged into a magical world of mystery and wonder. After taking those first steps, i run headlong from there and never looked back, give me a shout guys let me know how you are...

I have just finished my eleventh doctor costume. I really like matt Smith, he has brought something no doctor has before, unpredictability and fish fingers and custard hahahaha Geronimo!!!!!



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