About Me

My interest in cosplay starting when I went to my first MCM Expo in May 2007, I sort of knew what cosplay was but only in the few days before had I looked into it, I took so many pictures and loved every second of it! During the October MCM Expo 2007 I did my first cosplay, simple but fun wiht my friend Jordon, Rude and Reno from FF7 : Advent Children, it was increadibly fun and since then I've done 2 others which we're mainly bought with a tiny bit of modding. I'm currently working on a giant tetris piece and a dream cosplay of Otacon (MGS4 Style)

My proudest moment was at MCM when I had my Blood Ravens flag and in the early entry que people kept shouting 'FOR THE EMPEROR' and such at me!

My greatest achievement is when I was in my Naruto 6th Hokage cosplay and a young lady came up to me with a kid no older then 10 cosplaying as Naruto and asked me for a picture with him, the smile on his face was absolutely beaming! I later found the person on the MCM forums after posting about post con stuff and the woman told me that it had made her nephews day!

Other Profiles

Briggsja@gmail.com <--- Contantly check this e-mail.
Zeomon@hotmail.com <--- MSN only, never check the e-mail. Please say your from here otherwise I accept adds.


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