Personal Information

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Name : Nicola
Location : Norfolk ;p
Date of Birth : 31st August 1991
Age : 25

Personal Bio

Heyos, Personal Bio time!

Erm... I was born in Hounslow but now live in Norfolk, which is reknowned for being inbred - I have yet to meet someone who is inbred, so I am disappointed.

I'm technically work for a factory, but currently having been getting any shifts.

I'm passionate about cats. I wuv them. I'm not so passionate about filling out personal bios. Who actually reads these things? No-one I bet.

I dunno what I'm like. Weird springs to mind... I play The Sims, and as such I have bought The Sims 3 and have made myself. Here are my traits.

Hopeless Romantic (cause as much as I try not to, a happy sappy ending makes my day)
Good Sense of Humour (I like to think anyway)

Cosplay Bio

I use to pretend to be Knuckles from Sonic The Hedgehog when I was little. I never grew out of pretending to be characters. For the HP book launch one time, I was Magonical. I don't know when it became "cosplay"... But for this it'll be when I dressed up as Link and went to Waterstone's first anime and manga night in King's lynn. 2007 I think...

I think the best thing about cosplay is the fact that I see it as not loosing your imagination to adulthood. You can cosplay at any age! I plan to take my great grandchildren to expos. I'll be Queen Victoria or something lolz

I have to say, making my Cloudette costume has really made me feel like walking around with my chest puffed out. It's the costume which shut up my mum (constant "you can't make that! You've not got the skills" when I started). She's not doubted me since, even if she's not that supportive either.