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Name : Dee
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Location : Aberdeen
Date of Birth : 31st January 1987
Age : 30

Personal Bio

One of those girls who got taken out of the oven a little too soon and have been failing expectations ever since. I have an odd way of looking at things, but I wouldn't change myself for love or money.

Graduate of Publishing with Journalism with first degree honours, and currently looking for employment within a publishing company or in an administration position.

If you want to find me, just look for the girl running around with an itty bitty video camera. By Saturday I will inevitably be screaming at it cause its frozen up again, so just follow the obscenities ^_^

Cosplay Bio

I started cosplay in 2005, when my friend Redkun told me about Ayacon, and we both decided to go together as Sheena and Zelos. At that time I never so much as got to touch the sowing machine though, as my mother took over the entire procedure. I couldn't make my own cosplays Amecon the next year either, and her lack of interest more than showed in some of the cosplays where she was more willing to compromise on things I felt were really important to get right.

After Amecon, I snapped and made an investment. A sowing machine for my student flat, whose very first job was to make a Pronyma cosplay for Auchinawa. It was tiring, it was stressful, I had little-to-no-idea how to use my sowing machine, and I had one of the largest and fragile props to make on top of it. At the end of it all, the cosplay was never (and still isn't) fully finished, but it still managed to debut at Auchinawa in something resembling glory.

The next convention I went to was Amecon 2008, and since this time the cosplays were all up to me, I decided to do 2 that would require minimal sowing, and one to help practise my skills. Ellipsis from Saturnalia, Shadow Heartless from Kingdom Hearts, and Sunako from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge - who had a skirt that I had to make from scratch.

2008 unfortunately, was the year of the dissertation, so Minamicon's new costume (C.C.) was commissioned, but I was back on track for Amecon when I was rejected for the JET Program, and tried to get two costumes done. My 'secret' one ran out of time, but Gwendolyn was on good track (though it wasn't finished until about 5 hours before it debuted ^_^)

Auchinawa had no new costumes, but created Karura for Minamicon, as well as Kyoko from Skip Beat - though very, VERY little work was actually involved in it.