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So cosplay, right? Well, to be honest I kind of only stumbled accross it. It was one of those random things I just found one day whilst watching... Actually I think I was watching FMA. So this must have been a few years back! Wow!

I've never really tried it myself... I'm a bit harsh when it comes to my own personal features and my slightly puppy-fat covered body :P And I'm a bit of a perfectionist :P Self-consiousness and perfection just do not go hand in
hand. Shame really :P

So, I've promised some people I'd finally start! And first up is... *drum roll*

... NELLIEL! From bleach, if you're not familiar with it. Someone seriously sat me down and demanded it... And so, as it has been said, so it shall be done!

I've currently ordered everything but the mask for that (which I'm going to make my self ><) and, so far, its looking pretty good! I just need a cap of some sort too keep my hair under the wig... I'm thinking something a bit like a swim cap :P The rubber would probabably have good grip too, so no slippy wigs for meee~!

The next i have planned (well, what I'm being forced into) is Misa. Yeah, as in Misa Amane from death note. Oh gosh, someone shoot me now! ... Or throw me of a building... That'd probably be more relvent.

Well, with this I have NOTHING done. Most of my wardrobe is apropriate though, no matter how much I wish that wasn't true. But alas, t'is all too cute <3

... Another one that's planned but STILL has yet to be started is... An Usa-chan cosplay. And when I say Usa-chan I really do mean that little pink plush bunny from Ouran High School Host Club (if you havn't watched it I HIGHLY reccomend it!). Me and a friend are tag teaming this, for she is making a Kuma-chan outfit too (that's Tamaki's bear, if you didn't know :D). We've designed how we're going to make this... and even got prices for everything, so when we finally get round to it, it should be REALLY simple!

Other Profiles

:D Okay so:

Hotmail: StrawberryJellyTots@hotmail.co.uk

Facebook: Just search Kayleigh May Grant. I think I'm the only one with that name... if not then just look for the sam picture that I use on here :D

I don't have twitter, my Myspace has gone three years without being touched and anything else is pointless :D

Though, i DO have an AnimeLeague account. Same username there :D


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